Sunday, March 6, 2011

So That Was an Epic Hiatus...

Well, it looks like I fell off the planet for 2010. Not really, but in the blogging world, I kind of did. That's not to say I wasn't writing. In fact, a ton of things happened in 2010. I wrote a new book, found an incredible agent (my last one left the biz), and inched ever closer to publication. Well, that's the hope, anyway. As for many writers, it hasn't been easy getting here. Lots of hard work, ups and downs, and serious self-doubt. And of course, a serious shortage of blogging.

I'm going to do my best to change that this year. And hopefully more people will swing by here (hello, lurkers - I know all your quirks. I do. I'm a true professional when it comes to online stealth). I'll also post my e-mail address somewhere around here in case you want to ask me about writing, or running, or gestational trophoblastic disease.

I just got back from a weekend of work in the E.R., so it's time to take a nap or stare into space. My favorite one-liner so far: "The patient is drunk and crying and has a cold." See? Things could always be worse.

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